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Hire a boat and crew for a celebration with a difference. 1 hour to a whole day cruises. Prices start from just £95 for a bespoke cruise.

Catering options available - For details please use the enquiries formemail us, or call 07706 734763. Light refreshments from our tiny galley. Options include Cream Tea (scones and drink), Afternoon Tea or Fish and Chips!

Swan and Duck wild bird feed available to purchase onboard.

Toilet facilities available.

Group size up to a maximum of 12, for larger groups an additional boat or multiple cruise trips would be required. i.e 20, 24, 30, 36, 40 etc

For details please use the enquiries form, email us, or call 07706 734763.

Family outing

Our boats are perfect for access to the river environment.


The Plough
Fen Ditton

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