Camboats are committed to minimise the carbon footprint impact of all aspects of the business.
We regularly review our standards against the Green Blue initiative.
This is an environmental awareness initiative developed by the R.Y.A. and British Marine.

The Green Blue is a UK wide programme created in 2005 to enable the boating community to decrease its impact on the environment by:

  • Raising awareness amongst industry and users
  • Reducing harmful discharges
  • Reducing environmental disturbance
  • Encouraging sustainable choices
 The aim of the project is to work towards promoting a sustainable boating community which subsequently will save money, avoid red tape and safeguard the waters and habitats for the future.

The Green Blue Logo

Green Blue Logo

The Green Blue also supports clubs and training centres by helping them understand and comply with the increasing amounts of environmental legislation affecting their operations. The Green Blue website contains a broad spectrum of information including tried and tested reports on environmentally sound products, where you can get them and even some offers for R.Y.A. and B.M. members.

Camboats Environmental Green Blue Scheme Checklist Score 2023
Engine 40
Cleaning 65
Resources 40
Sewage and Waste 65
Wildlife 45
Total 255     Out of a possible 265

Excellent stuff! Camboats have gone a long way to reducing their impact on the environment. However we continue to stay in touch with The Green Blue for the latest information on how to be green and still have a great time on the water.

Bargeware rose design A

Extracts from the checklist.

  • Do you use low phosphate washing up liquid? Yes. Detergents and bleaches can damage the environment. We avoid products which contain bleach, chlorine and triclosan. 
  • How do you dispose of food waste? In bin/compost Not even biodegradable waste should go over the side, even tea bags contain plastic these days! Composting helps to reduce greenhouse gasses. 
  • What type of toilet paper do you use? Recycled. Recycled toilet paper is not only easier on the environment it has shorter fibre and is therefore less likely to block marine toilets! 
  • Do you use fair trade/organic/low mile products? Yes These products all help to minimise impact on the environment and are all good choices to make, on the boat and at home. 
  • Do you use renewable energy on your boat? Yes – solar panels! Also battery operated equipment use rechargeable batteries. Our electric advertising van is also solar powered. 
  • Do you separate and recycle rubbish? Yes. All glass, aluminum and cardboard are separated and are processed through dedicated recycling bins. Camboats have worked hard to eliminate single use plastics such as disposable tumblers and cutlery from the boats. We also discourage passengers from bringing single use plastic aboard, by offering onboard glasses and crockery if they are bringing their own picnic/drinks onto the boat.

Camboats Solar Electric Van

As well as working hard at our boat operations to reduce our environmental impact, Camboats have gone a step further and converted their advertising van to off-grid solar electric.  With support from local Solar Energy product supplier Midsummer-Energy, the van was converted to solar power with a single high-output solar panel.  During the summer months the van can cover up to 100 miles a week with zero-emission sunshine power….  During the winter the van can still be plugged into the mains to top up the batteries if necessary.

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