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Close scale map of our main Cambridge route

Cambridge City to Baits Bite Lock


A popular two hour round trip cruise will take you between (but not through) Jesus Lock and Baits Bite Lock.  

Various start points including: The Plough Fen Ditton, Jesus Lock, Fen Road Chesterton, Stourbridge Waterpoint, Fort St George Pub.

This route includes:

Jesus Green Lido (Swimming Pool), Midsummer Common, Fort St George Pub, Midsummer House Restaurant, the college and city rowing team boathouses, Elizabeth Way Bridge, Riverside, Old Pumping Station - Cambridge Museum of Technology, The Green Dragon Pub, Stourbridge Common, local Live-Aboard boats, Chesterton, Ditton Meadows, Fen Ditton Village, The Plough pub and 'the bumps' rowing race course.


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