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1,  1½,  2,  2½,  3 hour trips or longer can be booked all year round: morning, afternoon & evenings  

We are pleased to be able to offer a broad spectrum of school/educational activity events. These range from a classic 45 minute/1 hour round trips to half or full day events linked into the curriculum.

Trips should be planned some time in advance to ensure that the specified intended learning outcomes can be sufficiently and innovatively designed into the event, and that we have the boats available.

"Everyone had a great time, we will look at making this an annual trip"

            Cub Group             

"Thank you for a lovely trip – The children loved seeing all the wildlife and the experience of being on the boat was fantastic.  Hopefully we will continue with our water topic in future years and so will be making return visits!"

 CG, School Teacher - Cambridge

Our boats are perfect for access to the river environment.

Our boats are perfect for a leisurely trip along the river with commentary, coupled with shore-based activities.  These can include wild-bird feeding, colouring in and other shore based activities linked to specific curriculum topics.

Our mission is to provide an engaging means to introduce concepts such as waterway ecology, canal history and heritage, travel and transport, pollution and environmental impact. These topics can be delivered in isolation or as a wider more encompassing event, through a variety of means that could involve the children in any form of imaginative learning from artistic expression, to map reading and the development of canal tour guides!

The event can provide an innovative way of fulfilling many areas of cross curricular interest within the National Curriculum and can be designed to meet the demands of all Key Stages.

In these hectic days it is good for body and soul to engage with the natural environment. Slowing the pace of life down and taking notice of the beauty of the environment around us gives us all a new perspective.

Please note, to access 'Rosie' the narrowboat requires use of three steps down into the cabin – we are researching options to add a wheelchair ramp/hoist at some stage in the future.

Our new eco electric boat 'Princess Charlotte' has a flat deck with easy access, with a direct access wheelchair ramp.

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