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Being an outdoor activity based on a river, we take the Health and Safety of our passengers, crew and other river users very seriously.

Due to factors beyond our control we have to occasionally delay or cancel river tours.  The Skipper/Helmsmen in charge of the vessel has final say as Boatmaster.

Terms and conditions

  • Public trips booked by individuals/families will leave on time and seats on a later trip will be offered where possible. 
  • Please arrive at around 10 minutes before cruise time to allow safe boarding prior to departure.  Please make yourself clearly visible as a passenger by standing at one of our Camboats trips signs.  Departures are in public spaces, so make it known you are waiting for a trip.
  • We do our best to arrive and depart on time, however due to a number of circumstances we can be delayed between trips
  • Please check the Public Trips page of the website for daily updates about river safety conditions and other river events that may impact the regular public cruising timetable.
  • For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted in the galley, steering position, on the roof, foredeck or gunnels as identified aboard each boat.  Similarly, the crew carries out lock operation at all times.
  • Certain public trips may be cancelled if minimum numbers of passengers are not reached to make the tour viable.
  • Exact trip routes and/or distance covered by tours may be affected by river conditions, weather, official river races and other unforeseen events.  Where known in advance we will advise you of events that affect a particular part of the river, or time of the day.

Late arrivals and passenger behaviour

  • Delayed private group agreed departure time might result in the imposition of an additional charge for waiting time, shortening of cruise duration, or the cancellation of the cruise if later bookings are jeopardised.
  • Public trips booked by individuals/families will leave on time and seats on a later trip offered, where possible.
  • Persons in charge of school and other children’s groups are reminded that, whilst the skipper accepts overall responsibility for safety whilst groups are aboard, the group leaders remain responsible for the behaviour of their group.
  • Reasonable behaviour from all passengers is expected at all times and the skipper reserves the right to refuse entry or require an individual or an entire party to leave the boat if their behaviour is socially unacceptable or likely to compromise the safety of the boat or other river users.

Other information

  • There is a no smoking policy on board our vessels, unless identified specifically on each vessel.
  • Booking deposits: We require a non-refundable deposit to confirm group bookings of £40 (unless the booking is less than one month away - in which case full payment is due).
  • Cancellation Terms: Booking deposits are not refundable. Full payment of charter price is due if cancelled within 21 days before cruise. Full payment of any catering and entertainment is due if cancelled within 7 days of cruise.
  • Catering: If you require catering, we need final number of passengers at least 3 days prior to cruise.
  • Requests may be made for a specific boat, however Camboats reserves the right to change vessel due to opereational requirement or river/weather safety.  The skippers decision is final.

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* All cruises and routes subject to river and weather safety, official race events & private bookings. For full terms and conditions use button above.

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