BAT TOURS – Bat hunting river safari with local guide

Twilight Bat Safari – Bat hunting with local guide

Bat Safari on the River Cam, Cambridge

Camboats have teamed up with a local environmental bat group to offer a unique opportunity to see bats on the wing along the river from our passenger boats.

Private Twilight Bat River Safari’s are normally available between May and September

2023 Public Bat Safari dates – normally between May and September

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Our boats are perfect for access and visibility of the river environment.  The bat hunting safari route covers the core section of the river between Jesus Lock and Baits Bite Lock, depending on the length of the trip and the time of year. The safari takes place at dusk as the bats begin to become active.  Our expert guide comes with search light and bat detectors to enhance the bat hunting safari experience.

Common  Pipistrelle  Bat

Bat Species on the River Cam

  • Common Pipistrelle bat
  • Soprano Pipistrelle bat
  • Daubenton’s bat (or water bats)
  • Natterer’s bat
  • Brown long-eared bat 
  • Noctule bat

Some Bat Facts

  • Bats can live up to 30 years
  • Adult bats can catch  up to three thousand insects a night
  • Bat echo location can detect objects as fine as a single human hair.
  • Babies – bat ‘pups’ are born in June, and start to fly in tandem with their mothers in late July/August
Daubenton’s (Water) bat

Daubenton’s  (Water)  Bat

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