BIRDS  AND  WILDLIFE – Engage with the environment

Despite being a city river through central Cambridge, 

The River Cam is teaming with wildlife!

All of our tours commonly see:  Swans, Ducks, Moorhen, Cormorants, Heron and if you are really lucky a Kingfisher darting about.

Where undisturbed river bank is on show, evidence of Water Vole habit is clearly visible.

On Camboats extended trips beyond Baits Bite Lock and further downstream towards Ely the river is bursting will wildfowl: Greylag Geese, Crested Grebe, Canada Geese, Moorhen, Cote etc.

During the nesting season it has been known for swan nests to be visible along the river bank if you know where to look.

Commentary from knowledgeable crew aboard both Private Tours and Public Hop-on Trips can encompass the river wildlife as you cruise along.

Birds and Wildlife on the River Cam

Kingfisher with catch close up

Simply the best unique river boat trips on the River Cam, Cambridge and beyond !