RIVER CAM FLOODS – Live flood gauges + flood information

Normal Level 0.71m to 0.81m

Normal Level 3.92m AOD

Normal Level 0.22m to 0.30m

Being a river, as opposed to a canal, the level and the flow can fluctuate significantly throughout the year.  The live flood gauges provided here give current river levels.

The last major flood on the river was in 2001.  Water levels were over 2m (6 feet) above normal for the lower river from Jesus Lock, downstream towards Fen Ditton.  

Normal Level  0.50m to 0.60m

Normal Level  0.30m to 0.40m

Normal Level 0.20m to 1.00m

If we do not collective do something about global warming now, then a projection of water levels in 2050 by the Environment Agency will leave us with ‘Cambridge-On -Sea’ !!!

The white area on the map shows the possible permanent effect of an increase in average sea level of just 3ft (1metre).

River Cam in flood by Clare College boathouse - red line river bank

Flooding at Midsummer Common.  Red line = location of normal river bank

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