THE ‘BACKS’ – iconic college buildings and landmarks

THE COLLEGE ‘backs’ – Middle river and city centre. 

This iconic section of river well known internationally, with views of college buildings, bridges and libraries only accessible via the river.

* *  PLEASE NOTE this route is currently not available  * *

Daytime and Twilight/Night tours **       Only by special request of the River Manager, Camboats hope to be able to offer private tours along the middle river route – the college ‘backs’.

Book an exclusive tour for two or more, or gather a group together for this amazing trip.  Please take note of the unique booking conditions associated with this stretch of river below:

* this trip route availability is subject to change due to river conditions, weather and other river activity.  i.e. strong winds or river flood warnings.  The skipper’s decision is final, due to river safety being of paramount importance. In the event that the ‘backs’ is not navigable, the rest of the river (lower river) will be used for the tour. Only in the event that a tour is completely cancelled, will a full refund will be offered or the opportunity to re-book a tour at a later date.  Booking a tour for ‘the backs’  requires passengers to be aware of, and accept these possibilities.

Kings College Chapel and Clare College on the ‘Backs’

Cambridge City Centre - Kings Chapel and Clare College

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